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BX300A / BX500A / BX700A

High-Tech Expertise in 5-axis Machining
BX series machines by Pinnacle offer the latest and most precise 5-axis technology in the market. Simplify setup and production of complex and multi-sided parts without sacrificing precision and accuracy and saving time. Optimized 5-axis concepts meet every requirement and prevail in all industries worldwide BX series designed by Pinnacle that are High rigidity structure to provide widest working range. Hi quality Meehanite casting iron, tempered for stress relief and over HB190 hardness to ensure deformation-free performance year and year.
Features :
- Real powerful 5-axis machining center
- Fast and contour-accurate motion guide
- High-quality surface
- The shortest machining time
BX300A / BX500A / BX700A
,a 5-axis control vertical machining center with a swivel head and rotary table design. Rotary table is removable and machine could work as 4 axes machine.

  • Built-in 15,000rpm Spindle with± 120° swing.
  • B axis-swivel head designed by dual pitch worm gear set that are teeth backlash elimination and transmission perfectly.
Movable tool magazine system designed by linear guideway and hydraulic system to move ATC backward over after tools changed. B axis would rotate up to 120° without any interference.
Hollow Ball Screw With Cooling System
BX series combine Heidenhain iTNC530 smart controller system that is a user-friendly, reliable and Hi-Tech controller includes DCM (Dynamic Collision Monitoring), TCPM (Tool Center Point Management) and Title & Plane function.
PLANE Function
The PLANE feature makes it easy to define a tilted working plane so that making everything much.
Tilting the Working Plane
Use tilting the working plane. With Cycle 19 with swivel heads or tilting tables. You program the operation as usual in the working plane, for example in X/Y. The machine runs the program in a plane that has been tilted by one or more rotary axes with respect to the main plane.
DCM (Dynamic Collision Monitoring)
DCM enables you to check for collision in the test run mode before acutally machining a part. To avoiding machine dowtimes. Simulation for a safety process.
TCPM function (Tool Center Point Management)
In five-axis operations, TCPM function to move the tool reliably on the contour and ensure that the work surface is not damaged. Maintain the position of the tool tip when positioning with tilted axes.
With the aid of the TCPM function, the iTNC 530 automatically corrects the tool path for the machine geometry and the tool length as well as compensates the tool radiusin three dimensions.
Kinematice Opt. (Option)
KinematiceOpt. is an important component to help you meet these high requirements: With a HEIDENHAIN touch probe inserted, a 3-D touch probe cycle measures your machine's rotary axes fully automatically. The results of measurement are the same, regardless of whether the axis is a rotary table, a tilting table or a swivel head.