Myers Technology Company

LV85, LV105
LV's Designed for Extra Value and Built for Optimum Performance
Linear Way Series
When jobs call for highly efficient machining and when outstanding accuracy is critical, a Pinnacle linear way series vertical machining center is the perfect solution. The three axes move on linear guideways that minimize friction while providing high accuracy of positioning and repeatability. This series are not only suitable for larg-range production line application. It is also ideal for smaller factories and machine shops. If you are serious about increasing machining productivity and profits, the Pinnacle linear way series LV can really help you.
Features :
- 850(1020) X 560 x 560 mm Travel
- Rapid Feedrate 30/30/24 m/min
- 10 HP Spindle Motor
- ISO40 Spindle Taper
- Spindle Speed 8,000 rpm, 10,000 rpm (option),
- Direct drive 12,000 rpm (option)
- X, Y & Z Axis Linear Way


The Best Possible Structural Design
Rugged Construction Assures Optimum Rigidity and Stability.
The major structural parts are manufactured from high quality Meehanite cast iron (FC-30), hardened to over HB190 and tempered to relieve stress.
High precision and premium quality P class linear quidways way wide block and 35mm (LV85/LV105) and 45mm (LV116/LV126)width linear quideways on three axes.
Three axes equipped with class C3 precision and 36mm (LV85/LV105) and 40mm (LV116/LV126)diameter ball screws.


  • Supported by superior precision P4 class bearings, the spindle provides an extra wide range of machining capacity and high speed.
  • Floating unclamping system assures tool unclamping force will not transmit to the spindle bearings. It provides stable tool clamping and unclamping with the spindle and extends the spindle bearings' life.
  • The spindle is a cartridge-type.
  • Choice of various spindle speeds - 8,000, 10,000 and 12,000 rpm.
  • The circulating oil cooling system on the spindle head prevents thermal expansion and offers the best precision machining environment.

Chips Flushing Nozzles
  • Coolant flushing nozzles on rear inner wall of guard prevent jam of chips during operation.

  • Directly connected with ball screw and AC servo motors, the high precision flexible couplings offer the best rigidity and keeps the accuracy of axial linear assembly under high speed movement.

Coolants Jets Around Spindle
  • Improved cooling efficiency on workpiece.


Automatic Lubrication System
  • The Lubrication System automatically measures and accurately distributes the oil to the slide ways, ballscrews and bearings.


Control System
  • The centralized control panel employs a touch sensing screen for user-friendly operation. The humanized designed control panel has an elegant appearance. Various controllers can be chose - Mitsubishi, Heidenhain, Fanuc and Siemens.


Splash Guard
  • The full-enclosed splash guard meets environmental protection and CE requirements. It offers users a comfortable working environment.